OVS-5400 NVMe Object Storage Appliance

A High Performance Flash Storage and Analysis Appliance
for the Real time storage and Analysis of Supercomputer System Data

The Problem

Large capability platforms have grown to a scale that makes the real-time monitoring of system and job data a challenge due to the volume and complexity of the data available. Compounding this challenge is the sensitivity to scheduler jitter that users fear could negatively impact their applications.

The Solution

OVIS is a low-jitter, low-overhead software suite for the sampling and analysis of high-fidelity compute node data at scale. The OGC OVS-5400 provides a single appliance that integrates the OVIS System Monitoring, Scalable Object Store, and an NVMe flash backed object storage subsystem into a single appliance enabling high resiliency, high performance, low-overhead system data collection, analysis and monitoring for the largest capability platforms.

Extreme Performance

The OGC OVS-5400 NVMe storage appliance enables data collection, analysis, storage, and archival in a single 4U appliance. With up to 5.4TB of NVMe storage and 112Gb of RDMA capable network connectivity, the OGC OVS-5400 is capable of supporting tens of thousands of concurrent data input streams and storing and analyzing this data in real-time. Requiring just 4U of rack space, the OGC OVS5400 combines extreme IOPS, ultra-low sample jitter, and up 16GB/s network bandwidth with leading enterprise-proven availability features,

  • Redundant components with automated failover
  • Intuitive storage management
  • Advanced monitoring and diagnostics with proactive repair
  • Automated data rotation and remote replication for long-distance analysis and recovery

Technical Specifications

All data in this table applies to dual controller configurations.

OVS-5400 Technical Specifications

Burst I/O Rate900,000 IO/s
Sustained I/O Rate650,000 IO/s
Latency<300 uS
Sustained Throughput5 GB/s
Maximum NVMe capacity5.4TB
Form Factor4U
System ECC Memory256GB
System Cores20 cores/3.1Ghz
I/O interface options2 x 10/40GbE iWARP, 2 x QDR/FDR IB
Operating SystemLinux
Management SystemOVIS
High AvailabilityDual redundant power supplies, cooling

OVS-5400 Dimensions & Weight

Dimensions & Weight 
Weight45 lbs

OVS-5400 Power & Cooling


Simple, Optimized Data Management

The OGC OVS-5400 management interface is a secure OGC OpenStack Horizon framework. OGC has optimized OpenStack with a set of Dashboards for managing OVIS Data Collection, Storage and Monitoring.

System administrators can view the system configuration, health, and browse historical data from a single familiar user interface. HDMS Hierarchical Data Management software automatically rotates older data to remote storage simplifying capacity management by keeping current, hot data available for fast and efficient browsing by users and moving older data to slower, less expensive storage for post-processing or historical analysis.

Global Support

OGC Global Support delivers the highest availability for your enterprise data environment and helps you optimize your storage investments.

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